Health Rationale

  • EduMove approaches improve physical fitness and general well-being including physical, social, emotional and psychological development.
  • Regular PA is also associated with the reduction in non-communicable diseases.
  • Participating in regular physical activity also help to reduce hypertension and helps reduce blood pressure.
  • Participating in regular PA also Increases muscle and bone strength.


School Policy Rationale

  • In many countries (including UK), schools do not provide the required amount of physical activity for all children.
  • School sport excludes the less talented children.
  • Sport and PE are male gender biased.
  • Hours dedicated to PE compared to other subjects remain inadequate.
  • EduMove creatively  increases PA opportunities for all children without losing time to teach the so called important subjects.


Sport Rationale

  • More opportunities for physical activity is linked to sport talent development.
  • To promote sport talent development, schools must enhance opportunities for physical activity.
  • EduMove promotes sport through promotion of physical fitness.
  • EduMove promotes physical literacy which is a pillar for sport talent development.
  • EduMove activities can be used for sport specific training.


Active Learning Rationale

  • Most teaching remains teacher and not pupil centred.
  • Children who don’t respond to this didactic style categorised as deficient or dull.
  • Research demonstrates that most children are active learners who only learn when the lessons are engaging, enjoyable and allow children to make their own meaning.
  • EduMove integrates both active learning and didactic teaching styles.
  • Good students may create meaning from passive methods, but weak students do not.


Social Justice Rationale

  • Lack of PA opportunities is social (in)justice issue.
  • A wide range of PA opportunities are embedded in the lifestyle of middle and upper social class.
  • Working class and  inner city schools and children have limited space, connections, capacity, equipment and facilities for sustainable sport and PA intervention.
  • Most working class children struggle with traditional (middle classed based) teaching styles.