As an organisation we firmly recognise the importance of research and evidence based practice. We have undertaken multiple research studies in partnership with Southampton Solent University that explore the impact of EduMove in local schools. This has involved engaging with a number of undergraduate and postgraduate students who have decided to research some of our EduMove programmes and resources.

EduMove works in close partnership with Southampton Solent University and Public Health Isle of Wight to ensure research is conducted within the Physically Active Teaching and Learning (PATL).

Some of our research has included:

  • A study to evaluate the efficacy of the EduMove Board Game in promoting learning, revision and physical activity.
  • A study to assess the EduMove curriculum intervention to determine the efficacy of the processes and mechanisms of the programme
  • A qualitative evaluation of the mechanisms underpinning learning through EduMove maths and literacy interventions within Southampton primary schools: A teachers’ perspective
  • A case study to examine the efficacy of a 6 week EduMove intervention on P.R.U students

Working undergraduate papers….

  • A qualitative investigation into the impact phyiscally active learning on academic attainment in young people on the Isle of Wight
  • The effects of learning languages through movment games and activities: An EduMove case study