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Children and Parents Love It

Children and Parents Love It

Recommended By Public Health Experts

Recommended By Public Health Experts

Created By Teachers

Created By Teachers

Good For SATs Revision

Great For SATs Revision

EduMove SATs Revision Apps

EduMove mobile and tablet revision apps integrate revision and fun physical exercises. These apps are remarkable for Early Years, KS1, KS2 & GCSE home and school revision. They are also amazing for developing academic confidence and skills, exam (e.g SATs) revision and improves childrens’ physical fitness.


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Benefits of EduMove Apps


  • Improve academic attainment, skills and confidence
  • Fun, exciting and reduces exam related stress
  • Meets Ofsted inspection for improving children's physical fitness
  • Promotes health and wellbeing
  • Caters for all children


Class Group Playing EduMove Revision App
Student Playing EduMove Revision App


Haven't tried our EduMove revision apps yet? Click the links below to download them and find out why thousands of children are using EduMove apps to improve their revision!


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Incredible Numbers

App Downloads

More and more parents are downloading these remarkable apps and giving their children the ultimate fun and stress-free revision experience. Download the app now!

EduMove Schools

"Primary and secondary schools, football foundations, universities, colleges and sporting companies are joining the EduMove Community to promote and receive support for movement-based learning" - Sam Moss, programmes coordinator. To sign-up go to EduMove Online or please contact us at

EduMove Practitioners

"The Physically Active Teaching and Learning (PATL) course is a remarkable CPD that has made me aware of unique, engaging and fun way to promote teaching and health for all children. I now feel empowered to make a real difference towards improving academic and health outcomes." - Harvey

What Our Clients Say...

"We have really struggled with some of those kids, but as soon as EduMove had been in, there was about 6 pupils whose behaviour just clicked. It’s like they wanted to learn again."

- Louise Curtis, Mount Pleasant Junior School.

"You can’t force a child to learn there’s got to be something in it for them. EduMove provides a purpose for learning, that hook to get kids engage."

- Tom Johnson, Kanes Hill Primary School.

"We have done some assessment, repeating the format we used the week before Edumove started, and so far, every child has made progress!"

- Rachael Davis, St Patricks Catholic Primary School.

"All of the children were very positive and responsive towards the teaching method and I would certainly look to use it again in the future."

- Martin Davies, Bitterne CofE Junior School.


"Friday can be difficult for some children because they’re tired and ready for the weekend, but having something very active and different to do in the morning meant that their concentration was better through the rest of the day."

- Danni Mason, Woolston Infants School.

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