Our staff come from diversity of backgrounds and possess extensive skills, knowledge and expertise in their industries. They all share our vision of EduMove and its success in enhancing learning through movement-orientated activities and services.


Dr. Oscar Mwaanga FRSA, EduMove Innovator & CEO

I’m very passionate about innovatively using physical activity, sport and technology to promote health, learning and well-being especially for children and young people. Professionally, I’m an Associate Professor at Southampton Solent University and social-entrepreneur. For the past 20 years, I have led the development of internationally renowned Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) programmes that have impacted communities in over 30 countries. Also, after founding EduSport Foundation (www.edusport.org.zm ) in 1996 as the first SDP organisation in Zambia and one of the first in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). I have been recognized as one of the global leaders for recent SDP movement. Some of the SDP programmes I have pioneered include  Kicking AIDS Out ( www.kickingaidsout.net), Go Sisters and international inspirations (www.internationalinspiration.org/women-and-girls ), SDP peer leadership, Green Sport and Fair Game Football. My recent work in EduMove innovatively addresses physical inactivity, childhood obesity and disengaged learning. As Associate Professor at and social-entrepreneur, I have published and presented widely in my areas of interest (e.g. http://thecommonwealth.org/media/event/commonwealth-debate-sport-and-sustainable-development). My dream is to contribute towards the transformation of global educational systems from sedentary to a  physically active ones  using technology. The Edukicks app that promotes social inclusion and physical activity (e.g. http://www.sportanddev.org/?14278/1/EduKicks-app-tackling-physical-inactivity-and-xenophobia) is an example in this vain.



Sam Prince, Co-founder & Chief of Operations

website photo of meHello, my name is Sam and I am co-founder of EduMove Group Ltd. Since inception in 2012, I have witnessed the growth of EduMove from schools and communities across the South of England to the development of an online platform which now reaches individuals and groups globally. But regardless of our growing international presence, our core motto has always remained the same; Move, Enjoy, Learn!

Recently, I visited Japan to teach at the University of Tsukuba as part of their summer school programme in sport and international development. The programme welcomes masters and undergraduate students from across the world to study sport and provided a unique platform to also discuss the scope of EduMove in countries such as Taiwan, Thailand and Japan.

I am also a PhD candidate at Bournemouth University conducting research into the empowering potential of sport and physical activity for young people and women and girls in particular. Empowerment is a central component to EduMove in that empowering customers is key to helping them achieve personal and organisational goals. It is anticipated that the findings of this PhD study will contribute greater knowledge about empowerment within a physical activity and sport setting and helps us to continue to develop the work we do at EduMove.



Melanie Onassis, Finance Coordinator and Administrator – Partner

Hello… Am Melanie! I work for EduMove as a contact person regarding all matters involving finance and administration. With my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance and Masters in Management with Finance, coupled with some experiences, my aim is to ensure the management team gets accurate financial information to facilitates precise financial decisions that involves the company.

For the past 3 years, I’ve been a great fan and Promoter of EduMove. I strongly believe our health is important and, maintaining a Physical Active living is the best way forward. There is so much to be discovered and to learn from EduMove and I can assure you that we are not a boring organisation.


Katherine Bennett, Graphic Designer & Business Development Consultant Kat EduMove

Hi, I am Kat. I am a print and digital graphic designer and I have worked with EduMove since the very start. I can remember my very first meeting with Oscar and Sam discussing the EduMove logo and slogan. It has been very inspiring witnessing how the EduMove brand has grown over the years. I have designed everything from logos, brand guidelines, leaflets, board games, the website and even the EduMove and EduKicks apps.

During the past 10 years I founded my own business and became a freelance graphic designer. I work part time for EduMove alongside working for a marketing and design agency. This allows me to keep my skills and knowledge of the industry up to date to ensure we produce the very best experiences for our customers.

If I had taken part in EduMove lessons when I was in school I know I would of benefited from them, so it is great to be designing material for an organisation and knowing how much it makes a difference in young people’s lives!



Kola Adeosun, Research Team

I have a keen interest in how sport, physical activity and movement games can be used as a tool for social change. This has driven my personal interests through my short career so far and I have endeavoured to be continuously involved in research and innovative projects which actively seek to use sport and physical activity for a means for change. Professionally I have worked as a research assistant on varied projects such as the Kicking AIDS out project in Jamaica, where I was part of the research team that (re) designed an effective sporting focused framework. Most recently I have been part of the research team on the joint venture with EduMove and Public Health Isle of Wealth, to incorporate a movement game based curriculum into schools on the Isle of Wight. Further to this I am also an associate lecturer in sport development and sociology at Southampton Solent University,(https://www.solent.ac.uk/staff-profiles/academic- profiles/kola-adeosun/kola- adeosun) where I teach about some of the sociological benefits and issues of sport in society. One of my main ambitions is to help contribute to a global change in conventional educational systems through the use of sport, physical activity and movement games.