EduMove is a revolutionary and exciting social enterprise and approach which uses physically active  game to deliver academic objectives while promoting health via increased physical activity.

Our aim is to meet and exceed our partners’ expectations by working collaboratively to design bespoke programmes and resources that achieve academic and health outcomes. We work with a wide variety of organisations such as:

  • Schools (primary, secondary, special education and pupil referral units)
  • Community organisations
  • Local governments
  • Sport organisations
  • Charities
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Universitiesjames2

In schools, EduMove facilitates an enjoyable physically active environment in which pupils can engage with core curriculum subjects and contemporary PSHE topics whilst taking part in a range of general movement and sport specific activities. EduMove’s approach is to utilise a child centred and inclusive environment that enables the child to experiment with their learning.

We are currently working collaboratively with schools across the south of Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight to design a range of bespoke programmes including after school, during school and holiday sessions that have been designed in line with the new curriculum. The results of our interventions include:

  • Improved test scores
  • Improved confidence and concentration
  • Engagement with peer to peer learning
  • Increased development of physical literacy
  • Promotion of healthy and active lifestyles
  • Positive Behavioural changes

Contact us to discuss how we can work with you and your organisation.