Our courses are designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to plan and deliver EduMove Programs and lessons or Physically Active Teaching and Learning (PATL) programs and lessons.

EduMove courses include central venue CPD workshops and bespoke training for schools, colleges, universities, sport companies and football foundations.

These courses introduce participants to:

  • The EduMove or PATL concept
  • Evidence and theory support EduMove interventions
  • Designing and delivering EduMove games and lessons
  • Creating suitable motivational learning environment
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of PATL programs
  • EduMove and the Growth Mindset


Our Courses are:

  • Accredited by the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).
  • They also qualify under the ‘PE and Sport Premium’ funding for primary schools.
  • Are currently only offered by EduMove


EduMove Foundation Course

This one day course aims to equip staff with the skills to plan and implement Physically Active Teaching and Learning programs and interventions in their school or sessions.

The course can be delivered to a few interested delegates or as a whole school intervention at a discounted price.

The course which is accredited by Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA), targets teachers who want to champion PATL at their organization.

This course is also designed to equip teachers and sport practitioners with the knowledge and skills to effectively implement physically active teaching and learning in their existing delivery.

  • Prices include course materials
  • Coaching and Support
  • Supply of EduMove Equipment

This is a one day course followed by two to six weeks support and assessment.

Cost: £200 pp

Cost for Whole school intervention (negotiable).


EduMove Foundation Course for HE & FE Institutions

This one-day course equips students with skills and knowledge to become EduMove Practitioner coaches within school settings. This course is part of the EduMove HE/FE partnership program that helps students develop interest and qualifications in teaching via the completion of a six weeks supervised placements in schools.If interested with the course, contact us at info@edumove.co.uk.


EduMove Awareness CPD

This CPD is also available as an online course.

The CPD introduces the innovative EduMove approach to participants demonstrating the benefits of the approach. To sign up for online training awareness, follow the link below: *link*

(All our courses consists of training materials and support if required.)

Cost: £50 pp (20% discount is available for groups over 10)


Growth Mindset through Sport and PE Course

This CPD introduces PE and sport teachers to the Growth Mindset (GM) within the sport and PE context. The course focuses on key principles to enhancing pupils’ Growth Mindset including effort, persistence, feedback, trying different strategies and learning from mistakes. The course also helps participants to develop transferable GM skills to other subjects.  The CPD is 3 hours and can be delivered around your schools needs such as twilight sessions or during inset days.

  • Prices include course material
  • This training qualifies under the ‘PE and Sport Premium’ funding for primary schools

Cost: £50 pp (20% discount is available for groups over 10)


Bespoke Courses

We can arrange a bespoke training for your staff tailored to yours and your customers’ needs. A guaranteed great way to enhance your existing products and add value to your services as an attractive selling tool to prospective customers.

Please contact us for further information regarding these courses and for licensing options through info@edumove.co.uk


Teachers/Schools benefit the most from our courses when their school uses our online resources. EduMove online and Moveclass Annual License costs £595.



Is the course accredited?

Yes. EduMove is a Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) Skills Development Partner. We offer the only CPD course for Physically Active Teaching and Learning (PATL)’ with 4 CPD points assigned.


Do EduMove deliver training days?

Should your school/staff require a staff meeting/INSET day to launch EduMove in to your school email us and we will contact you to discuss your personalized training. We also hold Regional Training Days in collaboration with CIMSPA, UKactive and a number of county sports partners– please enquire for current dates, details and availability of training days near you!


I am not a teacher, can I still attend?

Yes. We have held courses for learning support assistants, sport coaches, health practitioners and community development practitioners. This introductory course is ideal for people who are not from a sport


Is it a ‘sporty’ course?

No. We advocate that sport and physical activity are two different things and the course covers the basics of what physical activity is. We encourage children and adults to be physically active through a variety of actives such as walking, playing in the park and even gardening! Sport is just one of many ways of being physically active.


Upcoming Courses

Course Title: EduMove Whole School Intervention

Location: NewChurch Primary School – Isle of Wight

Date: 4th September, 2017

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