TechMove products and programmes support the delivering of Physically Active Learning (PAL) at home and school to increase academic engagement and attainment and thus improve health and psycho-social well-being. The products include mobile and tablet apps that combine physical activities and academic learning of curriculum topics. TechMove products are ideal for learning new topics and stress-free revision at home and at school.

EduMove Apps



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More about TechMove and EduMove Apps

TechMove products are the ‘must have’ learning and revision resources for parents across the country!

Children benefit from TechMove products in the following ways:

  • Apps that promote physical activity by embedding it into game play
  • Physical activity and movements make the learning process more enjoyable
  • Increased enjoyment leads to stress-free revision, thus promote mental health
  • Learn and revise core topics based on the New Curriculum for primary schools in England
  • Meets the Chief Medical Office (CMO) recommendation of daily PA for children and young people
  • Suitable for all children regardless of gender, age, ethnicity and ability
  • Makes doing homework a fun activity
  • Resources are created in collaboration with teachers and health experts


TechMove products are the ideal way for children to learn, revise and keep physically active at home.