EduMove School Programme – Testaments 2014/15

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Pupils’ Testaments


“EduMove was fun, it had loads of activities and we learnt new sounds. We kept fit too! My favourite thing was the game where you turned over cones, went to a team leader, read a word with a sound we had been learning in it and then you ran back to play the game again. If Edumove was coming back I would ask if I could do it again. I loved doing phonics and PE together.”

Year 2 Pupil, St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School


“The games help me remember my letters and sounds.”

Year 1 Pupil, Woolston Infants School


“Playing sports makes maths more fun. I’ve learnt division the most.”

Year 6 Pupil, St Marks  C.E Primary School


Teachers’ Testaments


“We have done some assessment, repeating the format we used the week before Edumove started, and so far, every child has made progress!” 

Rachael Davis, Year 2 Teacher, St Patricks Catholic Primary School


“The EduMove coaches were fantastic and very professional. The children really enjoyed each week and have got a lot out of the programme.”

Jennie Tipple, Year 1 Teacher, St Swithun Wells Catholic Primary School


“I was very impressed with the EduMove team’s organisation and enthusiasm. When we started our partnership the coaches and I discussed the maths learning needs of my pupils. I was pleased they took an interest in the methods we use in school and planned a scheme of work to meet the targets I had set.”

Carl Anning, P.E. Subjects Leader, Shakespeare Junior School


The Year 6 children thoroughly enjoyed the programme and were really enthusiastic about it. They loved the idea of maths and PE being combined and for children who love P.E it was a great context for them to access maths.”

Becky Hunt, P.E. Subject Leader, St Marks C.E Primary School


Friday can be difficult for some children because they’re tired and ready for the weekend, but having something very active and different to do in the morning meant that their concentration was better through the rest of the day.”

Danni Mason, Year 2 teacher, Woolston Infants School